Mechanical Ventilation – the Plus under extreme conditions

The principle of mechanical ventilation

More than 80% of our solutions have been implemented on the basis of Natural Ventilation. In some cases, however, the implementation of Natural Ventilation cannot provide for satisfactory results. In these special cases AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. proposes complete mechanical ventilation systems consisting of electrically or mechanically driven fans including control units together with the required system components to cover the required air inlet areas.

Principle of function

Under certain circumstances it of utmost importance to ensure high number of air changes per hour which cannot permanently be guaranteed by Natural Ventilation systems. Implementing mechanical ventilation appropriately fulfills these requirements.

The mathematical interpretation of the mechanical ventilation system is our strength. This is the basis for providing solutions for the requirements of our clients.

Mechanical Ventilation:

  • Definition of pollution
  • Definition of the indoor temperature in the working area in relation to the ambient conditions
  • Definition of air changes per hour in the building
  • Definition of the maximum allowed concentration of pollution in the working area
  • Implementation of sound attenuating components


Fields of application:

Mechanical ventilation systems are mostly used in areas with a high pollution content such as acidic fumes, smoke etc.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Provision of defined air changes per hour
  • Reliable function under extreme environmental conditions (smoke and acidic fumes)
  • Weather-proof construction due to specially developed system components
  • Continuous cooling effect
  • Individual architectural design
  • Long-term reliability

Only the exact sizing guarantees reliable results

The principle of mechanical ventilation functions only on the basis of the exact calculation of the system components. Length-width-height of the building, gable height, eaves height as well as minimum requirements of air changes per hour are the decisive parameters for a precise calculation. We collect the required data for our clients, e.g. air changes in the building etc. and take charge of the optimum design of the systems based on the mathematic calculations.

Project stages for implementing mechanical ventilation

Engineering phase

It is a great advantage to involve AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. in the early phase of a project. Thus the structural requirements for accommodating the system components can be taken into consideration in time. Consequently the client profits from our know-how in the field of mechanical ventilation technology already in the very early stage of the project.

Construction phase

AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. supplies the required system components in knockdown form in conformity with the time schedule to the site. The delivery in knockdown form minimizes the need of storage area and provides flexibility for the erection according to the progress on the site. Furthermore AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. assists the project management to optimize the sequences of the erection work.

Integration in existing buildings

The reliable principle of mechanical ventilation provided by AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. can also be integrated in existing buildings. Structural steel constructions in general offer in most cases sufficient possibilities for the integration of mechanical ventilation systems.