Selective sound attenuation with system components of AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L.

Advantage of sound attenuation elements

Due to high sound level in production and process plants it may be necessary to implement additional measures for sound attenuation. AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. offers sound attenuation elements for supply and exhaust air components.

Principle of function

The supply and exhaust air components are supplied with sound attenuators. By implementing these additional measures the sound transfer from the building to the outside environment can be drastically reduced. These sound attenuation elements have to be defined and sized in the early project phase in order to dampen specific frequencies. An additional installation of sound attenuation elements in existing Natural Ventilation systems may reduce the number of air changes.

Project stages for implementing sound attenuation measures

Engineering phase

It is a great advantage to involve AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. in the early phase of a project. Thus the structural requirements for accommodating the system components can be taken into consideration in time. Consequently the client profits from our know-how in the field of ventilation and sound attenuation technology already in the very early stage of the project.

Construction phase

AEROVENT Middle East W.L.L. supplies the required system components in knockdown form in conformity with the time schedule to the site. The delivery in knockdown form minimizes the need of storage area and provides flexibility for the erection according to the progress on the site. Furthermore AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. assists the project management to optimize the sequences of the erection work.

Integration in existing buildings

The reliable principle of ventilation and sound attenuation technology provided by AEROVENT MIDDLE EAST W.L.L. can also be integrated in existing buildings. Structural steel constructions in general offer in most cases sufficient possibilities for the integration of ventilation and sound attenuation systems.